We are hoping that this look book can help you find a location that would be awesome for your session. Each couple or family brings something different to the table and the time of year and weather can really effect the overall look of the session too! This is simply a guide to find a spot or to get your wheels turning for a location that you might not have thought of yet. The biggest thing to remember is a location is just a backdrop and no idea is too big or idea to simple… its about you and the connection you have with your people. That is what we are there to highlight.


Lets talk beaches…
When it comes to choosing a beach for a location it is important to decide if you best prefer a sandy look, a rocky beach or a pier.

• a sandy beach •
With the openess of a sandy beach it is important that the session takes place as close to sunset as possible. It offers a super open and clean dynamic to your images.

• a rocky beach •
the cliffside adds a cool dynamic to the background of your images and it is great to be able to take advantage of all the cool rocks!

• A Pier •
It works great to start the session under the pier and then venture out as the sun softens.

• Pacific City in Huntington Beach •
Pacific City offers a beach vibe with out venturing onto the sand. I love all the cool textures and feel like it offers a super relaxed vibe.

• Huntington Beach Harbor •
The harbor gives you that beach feel as well but I love all the color that the homes and boats bring into it.

• Long Beach Harbor •
This session only scratched the surface of all that this area brings. I again love the mix of colors and texture that the harbor adds to the images.





• Nellie Gail •
We love this kooky off the side of the road spot so much! Its easy to get to and easy to park and the light comes in here perfectly making it a beautiful location for engagement or family sessions!

• Downtown Seal Beach •
This is a super cute little area and it is right next to the beach or gum grove park. We love that each time we come here we find a new nook or building to use as a backdrop.

• Newport Beach Back Bay •
Offers a more open and muted toned backdrop. We love how our clients just POP and really showcases their connection.

• Santiago Oaks Nature Center •
Offers a ton of variety including long beautiful paths, citrus groves, and wild goodness. Nothing is too far and parking is easy!

• Gum Grove Park •
This is a lush green trail that is perfect for the nature lovers!







• Bommer Canyon •
This spot offers rolling hills and depending on the time of year it can be more neutral or more green.




• Canyon Park •
This cute little park is tucked away in Costa Mesa. It is easy to park and access this little nook of wilderness!

• San Juan Capistrano Open Space •
This spot also varies during different times of year. I love that it has so much open space and its easy to access.



• Jeffrey Open Space Trail •
This spot offers green backdrops all year round. It is very easy to access and perfect for families or engagements!


This page is a work in progress… we will be continuing to add to it but for now here are some other locations we love and ideas to get you thinking!


Peters Canyon- Golden fields, big hills and long fence lined path
Lido Marina Village – Cute for a nautical vibe!
Laguna Niguel Regional Park- This park offers a bit more of a manicured look with big trees and fence lined paths
Yorba Regional Park- This park is HUGE! It also has cool paths and golden fields, big trees and a cute lake with little docks
Huntington Beach Central Park- Also a more manicured park. The big advantage is its easy to park and you don’t have to walk too far to get a number of beautiful locations.
There is a cool Eucalyptus Forest in South County
Downtown Orange- Super colorful, lots of brick lined buildings. This spot is great in the mornings as well as during the golden sunset hour.

We love the mountains and we love the desert too.
We love funky parking lots while you eat your favorite dessert.
We love the place your family goes on Tuesdays or the place that he proposed or you had your first date.
We love coming to your home and capturing you there.




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