Hello! We are so happy to meet you!

We are so happy you came to give us a look! We are Bryan and Cherise Marsh, Southern California’s most lovable wedding photographers! All jokes aside, we are fun-loving photographers who shoot fun-loving couples and their beautiful weddings. The Native Heart experience is taking every wedding wholeheartedly, but more so, having a darn good time! Bryan will most likely dance his pants off, and Cherise will win the hearts of everyone. 

As self-taught photographers, our abilities to find inspiration from the simplest details have driven us to where we are today. We both thrive in creative environments surrounded by people, which is why we decided to become husband and wife wedding photographers! We feel so honored by all the couples who have chosen us because being a wedding photographer is like having backstage passes to your favorite concert. We get to experience and tell the story of all the smallest, unique moments that few others get to see. Through our lens, we see the bride, adorned by her maids and carefully prepared to walk down the aisle. We capture a groom’s eyes swell up as she approaches and a father give his little girl away. We shoot with the emotion in the exchanging of vows before all friends and family held dearest to their hearts. We get to create a forever lasting first kiss, first dance, and first bite of delicious cake as husband and wife. We capture and tell the stories of the most amazing couples on the most amazing of days. It is seriously the best job! 

At almost five years of marriage and two of the cutest babies later, we are madly in love and have to admit; our love story is pretty cool. We delight in hearing others’ as well, so get in touch! We’ll tell you ours if you tell us yours first!